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At Fourth Floor we have worked with a ton of businesses using a variety of cargo bikes and city bikes for mobile kiosks, hospitality, and deliveries. From small NGO's to small business to major clients like Coca Cola we can offer out-of-the box solutions or highly custom solutions using our own team of cabinetry experts, bicycle painters, and mechanics. Or, if you have your own talent, we're happy to supply the bike. Below is a our "idea mine" of bikes we've either helped design or customers have designed - all of which we supplied. Have fun perusing and please contact us if you're interested!


x100 Custom bikes for Spring Launch

The Initial Problem

With bikes dominating the fashion headlines, Kate Spade wanted to add their fashion syntax to the conversation with a bespoke custom bicycle that matched their sophisticated and fun Americana look. 

Our Solution

We worked with New York retailer Adeline Adeline and Italy's Abici bikes to produce a Spring 2012 launch bicycle that would be featured in every Kate Spade store across the USA. With a six month leadtime on product and several sample runs to ensure exact Pantones, we launched the bike to big media party, continued press and sales success. While iconic in its look, we've since moved away from Italy's Abici to Belgium's Achielle for the increased customization options (as well as better quality). 



Mobile Kiosks for London Olympics

The Initial Problem

Coca-Cola had recently purchased England's Innocent Smoothies and needed a brand vehicle to demonstrate Innocent's green principles during the London Olympics. We were contacted by Toronto's Blake Jarrett agency to supply an easily customizable cargo bike that could be turned into a smoothie delivery vehicle. 

Our Solution

This was before we had access to the highly customizable Babboe Big, so we worked with Pashley bikes of England and their Classic 33 design (a crude design that was fixed gear and was stopped by a large handbrake between the legs). Despite the 19th century design, Innocent was launched with several customized cargo bikes that rotated in various Olympic zones to great success. 



Bicycle Brand Ambassadors

The Initial Problem

Freshly launched in NYC, TopShop wanted to build on the strong cultural capital of city bikes and their link with fashion. Running very last minute, Top Shop needed a fleet of x10 bikes that would be ridden around NYC models wearing Top Shop clothing - cementing the link between fashion bicycles, and New York. 

Our Solution

Fourth Floor works on a bespoke basis with Bronx bikes, a hip and fun fashion bike from TopShops own home of London UK. We supplied TopShop with a small fleet of ten aqua-marine bikes which they very cleverly personalized by adding fun coloured dots around the bike and their logo on the top tube. 



Cargo and city bike for pick-ups and events. 

The Initial Problem

In 2010 ING Bank realized they needed to focus more on their retail customer. With the main branch out at the edge of the city they decided to move back into the city with a cafe space that focussed on small business incubation and demonstrated creative, fun ways to save money. 

Our Solution

Much of the cafe space was focussed on bicycles, since bicycles are probably the best way one can spend money in order to save money. Working with Toronto's prestigious Velocolour (one of our third party contractors) we designed a custom painted ING cargo bike (see pic) with beautiful orange and white pin-striping. We also supplied a Dutch bike for use in the ING Cafe and at ING sponsored events.



Fleet bike for customer use. 

The Initial Problem

The King & Grove is a boutique hotel in Williamsburg that wanted to give its guests the opportunity to see Brooklyn like all residents of Brooklyn do - by bicycle! By offering a bicycle service, the King & Grove could also provide a value-added service that differentiated them from competitors. 

Our Solution

The King & Grove wanted custom colours but this meant dealing with our vendors MOQ (minimum order quantity) which is usually x50 per colour/size - and four month lead times (this is why we work with Achielle, MOQ's of only one and a max ten week delivery window). So, we made the branding piece a simple wood box (we work with Caisseries McNiel in Montreal who build beautiful wooden boxes) with a burnt-in logo. 


Mobile Ice Cream vending. 

The Initial Problem

Village Ice Cream is a Calgary institution that wanted a mobile vending ice-cream cart to take their brand and product into the community and to events. 

Our Solution

This is another case where we provide the bike and let our customers work their own brilliance. We worked with Fourth Floor retailer Bike Bike in Calgary to supply a Babboe Big which was then modified into a brilliant mobile vending bike - complete with a big umbrella. 



The "Cucumber Courier"

The Initial Problem

Wanting to build market-awareness in a fun and highly accessible way, Hendrik's wanted to tell the story of how their gin is different from others - since it is distilled with rose but most especially cucumber. 

Our Solution

We were approached by Blake Jarrett - Hendrik's marketing company - to supply a cargo bike that the team would turn into a "cucumber courier." The bike was part of a larger marketing campaign that included a vintage truck and even a blimp - but the bike was one of the most successful ways to built proximity and approachability with the brand. A phenomenal success, with old-time costumes to boot. 



Bicycle bar

The Initial Problem

Yep, that's a real bike. A work of art! Kichissippi Beer is a great micro-brew out of Ottawa that wanted to take it's beer to the streets, whether it was events, weddings - they basically wanted a rolling liquor license. 

Our Solution

We can only take credit for selling the bike here. Kichissippi worked with Fourth Floor retailer Tall Tree Cycles to design what must win the award for most innovative cargo bike ever. It's hard to even recognize this bike as a Babboe City. Featuring a real oak keg, custom CO2 canister, solid oak table with beer tap and a box in the back for glassware this only demonstrates that the sky is the limit. 



Bicycle bar

The Initial Problem

Like many of our other clients, La Baguette wanted to take its gelato to the street, partly to build brand awareness and partly to take the product straight to the customer. Great idea, but the problem is that Revelstoke is smack dab in the middle of most rugged part of the Canadian Rockies and that meant a ton of hills. 

Our Solution

Once again we relied on the brilliance of our customers and provided the bike. While today many 250W e-assist bikes are available from our vendors, La Baguette needed something with a ton of power. Working with Revelstokes Flowt bikes and a custom cabinetry worker (who built the gorgeous box and trailer), the re-vamped Babboe Big has a 350W electric motors in each front wheel powered by a battery in the trailer (that also keeps the gelato cool). A custom metal frame was built overhead that supports a canopy. 


Pick-up Vehicle and Fleet Bike program

The Initial Problem

The Cambridge Suites Hotel is a boutique hotel right in the middle of Toronto's most famous gridlock, a place that is great for cycling but terrible for driving. As a result, they wanted to give their clients a free rental bike with their stay (to enjoy the sights) but also needed a quick inexpensive way to pick up supplies without buying a van and sitting in traffic forever. 

Our Solution

We supplied the Cambridge Suites Hotel with a stock out-of-the-box Babboe city that was made a very visually striking billboard for the hotel by some black paint and white die-cut vinyl lettering. This was a very simple project with rapid turnaround. 



Pick-up Vehicle 

The Initial Problem

The Algonquin resort by the sea is a famous old railroad hotel that offers quiet, luxurious getaways on the beautiful coast of New Brunswick. While the roads here are quiet, the resort wanted a branding piece that built social equity in the community while running errands or visiting events. 

Our Solution

Once again, we supplied Algonquin Resort with an out-of-the-box Babboe City which they logo'd up easily. For this kind of job we ask for a hi-res logo so that our graphic designer can send a placeholder image so the design can be perfectly tweaked. After that we work with our local vinyl sign maker to make beautiful die-cut logos that we attach and then deliver. 



"RightBike" Public Bike Share  

The Initial Problem

The Causeway Work Centre is a phenomenal place. It gives opportunity to disadvantaged people by providing employment and skills training, much of which focusses on bicycle repair. But there's an added layer here. Causeway wanted to launch a social program that could create an ongoing need for their employees skills. Working with a local library (who are adept lenders) Causeway lends out cargo bikes to anyone who need to pick up groceries or wants to take friends and families out for a day in the park. 

Our Solution

We supplied Causeway with a fleet of Babboe Big cargo bikes which they logo'd up with big vinyl decals. While we usually insist that our bikes are delivered professionally built and serviced (we either ship them using our Bike Carton program or work with a local Fourth Floor retailer), Causeway wanted this to be an opportunity to learn skills. Part of our support was providing access to our mechanics as the bikes were put together - and they did a great job!



Brand vehicle and "botanical bar"

The Initial Problem

The Toronto Botanical gardens is a little-known gem outside of the downtown core that few downtowners go to (because few downtowners ever leave the downtown core!). So, the Toronto Botanical Gardens wanted to raise awareness by coming downtown. The problem is that Toronto is built on a gradual hill that tilts at a constant 2-4 degrees from the shores of Lake Ontario. With a population of nearly six million, Toronto is big and the climb back home wasn't exactly easy. 

Our Solution

This was really fun. We spent some time consulting back and forth with the Toronto Botanical Gardens, asking questions about the space required as well as how to handle "the hill." In the end we decided on a Babboe E-Big, their 250W electric-assist version. With a referral to our vinyl decal supplier, their own graphic designer created a visual forest of die-cut leaves that make the Botanical bike a moving billboard. Today you can find the Botanical bike at many events, some where they serve their amazing botanical-infused cocktails. Yum!



Guest Bicycle

The Initial Problem

The Victorian Hotel is a luxury hotel located right downtown in Vancouver's highly bikeable core. With close access to the lovely seawall, the Victorian wanted to give its guests an elegant option that worked with the Hotel's classic feel, and something that stood apart from the California beach cruisers most hotels offered. 

Our Solution

This was an easy one. We provided the hotel with a fleet of English city bikes (today we use Achielle, which offers much more custom colour and branding opportunity). The bikes were given a logo, a wicker basket (we provide a ton of complimentary accessories with our line of Basil products) and sent off to explore. A great way to add value and differentiation to your guests (as well as giving them the best way to explore the city!). 


Looking for a fleet for your business? Or have any questions? Contact one of our business bike specialists for pricing options.

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