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Since 2006, Fourth Floor has been importing city bikes and accessories and selling them to bike stores who understand that not everyone wants to wear spandex. While the bike industry - largely based in California - preaches that the only safe place left to ride is the beach, the mountain, or the country road, we sell city bikes. And cargo bikes. These are bikes meant for everyday use, except that we mean everyday use in the city - which means they better be remarkably durable. And safe. 

Fourth Floor is the first wholesaler to import/distribute the first wave of city bikes in North America. That meant we had work as hard finding the right product as finding the right stores. While we sell our high-fashion accessories to anyone retailer who asks, we have the oldest and most experienced network of city bike and cargo bike retailers as our partners. 

We are proud to work with our retailers and we support them fiercely. After all, city bike retailers are as much of a building block as bike lanes are in building a city bike culture. Like us, our retailers think differently - and, that's made a big impact on their business and their community. However, if you're a consumer and can't find a retailer within 50 miles of you, then we have made it our duty to supply you with our stuff right here on this website, including complete bicycles completely built and tuned

Below is a sample of just some of our amazing retailers, each with their own unique story. Click here for a retailer near you




Firth & Wilson could be a story about cargo bikes in Philadelphia, it could also be a story about swords into ploughshares - or guns into bicycles, so to speak. Started by David Wilson and Simon Firth, the store started in the old Colisimo's Gun Shop, reputed to be once one of the largest sellers of illegal guns in the USA. Both David and Simon bring a wealth of veteran US bike industry experience to their shop, but are also remarkably cosmopolitan. David worked at a cargo bike store in Amsterdam for two years while Simon bike messengered in London for several years. Firth & Wilson is an example of a new shop that has flourished by doing something radically different - although city bikes or cargo bikes should hardly be considered radical. By opening their doors to everyday cyclists who have errands to run and life to live they have aligned themselves as partners with the city who - through infrastructure - are making Philly more and more bike friendly. 




Clever Cycles started business about the same time Fourth Floor did, and shared much of the same vision - to provide the building blocks for a North American bicycle culture, starting with the bike itself. For many years we followed our own individual paths while constantly comparing notes. Today we supply Clever with Babboe cargo bikes, one of several brands they carry - proof that there is a robust market for cargo bikes, and even more-so for city bikes. What started as a small shop in an emerging area of Portland has turned into a large location that has cemented the other businesses in the area. Portland has a lot of bike stores, a lot of stores selling city bikes, but no store is as unique or knowledgeable as Clever. 




Boston is a famous city for cycling but tends to veer to the fixed-gear kid - mostly male - and shops that tend to be more technical and gear-heady than wise to new markets. Enter Carice Redding. She's an architect who has worked in Milan, Houston, Salt Lake City and wherever she lived she always biked. Frustrated with the male-dominated assumptions that belie the bike industry she wrote a great blog called Cycling in Heels for years that spoke to the fundamentals of a city bike: chainguards, fenders, racks, low maintenance, and comfort - you know, the obvious stuff. The main complaint of the blog was the lack of bike stores who understood the obvious, so Carice quit the architect profession and started a bike shop. Today, Bicycle Belle sells a variety of city bikes and cargo bikes - including Babboe - and is doing remarkably well. Proof that we certainly need more belles like Carice in the bike industry. 




Minneapolis is an amazing city that, like Portland, realized that the American dream could still be just as dreamy without being tethered to cars, oil, and home ownership. Despite the desperately cold weather, Minneapolis has one of the highest populations of city cyclists in North America, and is home to QBP, North America's largest bicycle company. Located in the up-and-coming Dinkeytown - near the university - Varsity carries a wide range of city bikes and cargo bikes, and is certainly our biggest Babboe dealer in the USA. And yes, these bikes are made for a Minneapolis winter. If you're in the mid-west and need a Babboe, call Rob at Varsity and he can arrange shipping at a very reasonable cost. A model shop. 




New York is a cyclists paradise but good luck finding a shop that sells city bikes or even cargo bikes. Despite Bloomberg's vast network of bike lanes, the city is covered in cheap bikes bought off the internet (bad idea) or users on the new Citi-Bike program. Perhaps it's the bike shops that are at fault. Not unlike Montreal, New York seems to be filled with bike shops who prefer to deal with road and mountain cyclists rather than the thousands of city cyclists that pass their doors everyday. Then there's 718. As they say on their website, they strive to create an environment where "arrogance and attitude have no place." Babboe is one the several cargo bike brands they successfully carry, proof that the future probably isn't in mountain bikes after all.




Montreal is one of North America's oldest cycling cultures, a culture that began as a citizen movement back in the 80's. It's had bicycle lanes longer than Portland's been pouring boutique coffee. However, like New York, Montreal has a vast population of city cyclists that most bicycle stores simply don't seem interested in. Dumoulin is Fourth Floor's first customer as well as Montreal's first retailer of city bikes. With very few competitors, they have become one of the biggest retailers of cargo bikes in North America and have sold cargo bikes to the City of Montreal, many businesses, and tons of families or individuals who need a bike with trunk space.  




If you run a bike shop and wonder if city and cargo bikes could sell, look to Windsor City Cyclery. Windsor, which lies across the river from Detroit, is no less depressed than it's American sister. It is Canada's motor-city, tied to the automobile industry and covered in abandoned factories that once flourished in a different era. So, it's interesting to see a new era arrive in the form of a government who isn't scared to ask new questions and a bike store out to help make it happen. These guys sell a lot of cargo bikes. Like Portland's Clever Cycles, City Cyclery planted itself in an up-and-coming neighbourhood and became an anchor for that neighbourhood, with its own coffee shop, bar, and community events. City Cyclery has given a post-recession city a new vision for getting around, has helped increase density, and has given citizens the sense that they are ushering in a new era, much as they once did before.  




Vancouver is a wealthy west coast city with great views, high property values, enlightened views, and a robust city cycling culture. If you're looking for a city or cargo bike, Reckless is your store. Reckless is a Vancouver institution that thrives on being one step ahead of everyone else - they even have their own bicycle consultancy that advises government on matters of infrastructure and public health. This year they opened up Vancouver's first e-bike store, catering to a populace that has both low-density sprawl and hills to deal with. Reckless is Vancouver's largest cargo bike store and carries Babboe as one of their higher volume brands. 




Well let's put our cards on the table. Curbside is Fourth Floor's sister company and the store that first gave us the idea of opening up a distribution company. Fourth Floor lies one story above Curbside Cycle and our staff work the retail floor daily. Curbside let's us keep our ear close to the ground - which is why we curate our products very carefully. Curbside is based in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood, a dense, mature, highly cycle-able downtown neighbourhood that Jane Jacobs left New Yorks West Village for. Our customers are university professors, media types, and well travelled - which means that most of our experiments in city bikes or cargo bikes fell on an audience that knew exactly what we were doing. We're lucky that way, and we know it. We never had to build a bike culture, we already had it - if anything we had to serve it. From this arose Fourth Floor, a way of spreading our deep retail knowledge to the rest of North America. If you're a retailer looking for new opportunities, we can definitely help.


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