Fourth Floor started as a wholesaler which emerged out of honest-to-god shopkeeping. We originally started Fourth Floor to supply chain our own retail store, Curbside Cycle here in Toronto. Curbside needed real city bike products so it could supply it's customers with real transportation. However, once we had our own supply chain it occurred to us that it might be nice to share our products with other bicycle retailers. After all, the city bike market is not only highly relevant for cities and transportation, but the very industry we work in! 

However, it remains the case that bike stores tend to be run by males, often really grumpy males, and only sell products that are designed for other males, many of who can also be quite grumpy. So while we dream of sharing our vision of city bikes with retailers across North America, it's going to take a while to convince them. So, if you don't have a retailer nearby, we feel it's our mission to deliver our products to you in the most professional way possible. 

We're not some start-up selling sketchy bikes over the internet like so many others. Our origins are in bicycle retail and we take quality, service and delivery seriously. That's why we invented our PEDAL OFF THE PALLET™ service. PEDAL OFF THE PALLET™ delivers a professionally assembled and tuned bike directly to your front door. 

Unlike our competitors, we don't use courier companies but rely instead on freight or rail. This creates a "straighter-line" to your front door and also reduces the multiple transfer points and steep conveyers that leave you with a damage claim that neither shipping company or seller will take responsibility for. 

PEDAL OFF THE PALLET™ is about buying the right bike and about shipping it right. Our clever design doesn't rely on the cardboard walls to provide support. Instead, the bike is held up by an internal framework that lets the cardboard act as a protective shield (which is all it was ever designed to do). It may seem pricey, but our products are designed for a lifetime, and we feel it's well worth it. 

Here's some pictures our our PEDAL OFF THE PALLET™ service in action. 




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