Shipping, Currency and Taxes




Fourth Floor is a based in Canada but we charge in US dollars. If you are a Canadian consumer we suggest shopping in Canadian dollars at Curbside Cycle, our sister operation. If you are a Canadian customer interested in buying a fleet of bikes for your business or organization please ask Eric for pricing by emailing 

To our wholesale clients, this site is equipped with a wholesale back-end which can only be accessed with a special login. If you don't have a login or want to become a wholesale customer, please contact Because our wholesale site receives orders but does not process them (we do this manually), prices are in the currency of your country. 

All prices on this website include applicable duties. If you are a US wholesale, retail or fleet bike customer, your goods arrives at your front door with no strings attached. And, because we ship from Canada we cannot charge US State Taxes on any consumer, wholesale, or fleet bike order. So, if you're shopping from the USA, no tax! Nice!



Fourth Floor will only ship PEDAL OFF THE PALLET bikes to areas where we do not support a local retailer. We believe that one day all bike stores will embrace city bikes and help fill all those bike lanes that mayors everywhere are implementing. Until that time, we view it as our responsibility to create more city cyclists by selling real city bikes. If that's something you believe in, then we're on the same page!

Because Fourth Floor emerged out of honest-to-god bicycle retail (Curbside Cycle is our sister company) we take final assembly and professional tuning very seriously. Our PEDAL OFF THE PALLET service makes sure that you get a bike completely assembled, professionally tuned, and ready to ride. Our bikes do not require a lot of after-sales tune-ups because they are so low maintenance, but by golly they do require perfect initial set-up. We make darn sure that happens. 

We offer PEDAL OFF THE PALLET for all consumer and fleet bike (usually a business or organization) customers. For fleet bike customers ordering x4 bikes or more, we can lower shipping rates due to cubic volume, please inquire with Eric at

If you know a local bike store that can assemble and tune your bike for a lower cost, we are happy to ship the bike unassembled, which lowers shipping costs by half. Please be advised that all bicycle warranties are only activated when professionally assembled and tuned. We will not provide after-sales warranty support for any bike that has not professionally assembled. If you opt to ship your bike to a retailer to save shipping costs, please save the receipt that shows it was professionally built and tuned!

Finally, if you are a retailer you will receive your products like you would from any other wholesaler: bikes are unassembled and accessories are in corrugated boxes. Shipping is added to the order according to real-time carrier rates and is verified with customer before anything goes out the door.  

All PEDAL OFF THE PALLET bicycles that are ordered online may 2-3 business days to assemble before shipping. From order to delivery, shipping from Toronto generally takes:

Red zones: 14 business days
Orange zones: 10 business days
Light green zones: 8 business days
Green zones: 5 business days
Blue zones: 3 business days
Black zones: give us a call.



Parts and accessories are shipped by UPS in the USA and Purolator Courier or Canada Post within Canada. Orders may take 1-2 business days to process. To all consumer or fleet bike customers, a tracking number will be provided by email. For all wholesale customers, a tracking number may or not be provided (this often increases costs). 



For business solutions we recommend dealing directly with Fourth Floor rather than a local retailer to save costs. We sell business or organizations our products at wholesale pricing. We offer a wide range of customization on our bikes from colour and spec to custom cargo boxes and graphic design. For shipping we either offer our PEDAL OFF THE PALLET service - which delivers your bike perfectly assembled and tuned - or we can ship to your preferred local retailer for a negotiated build + tune service cost. 



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