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The Bookman Bike Whistle is a collaboration with the world famous whistle manufacturer Acme Whistles, established in 1870 in Birmingham, England. It has been developed especially for the cyclist’s safety and convenience. The technology is based on Acme’s Tornado whistle, engineered through the principle of wave interference – meaning it can produce a high pitched, high volume sound without the need for any moving parts. The shape of the whistle also prevents it from being pushed into the wearer’s mouth in case of a fall. The nylon neckband comes tied with a safety break free knot. It sits securely around your neck but if you pull it off with a quick snap, the knot will break. The bike whistle is easy to operate. Blow softly for a gentle alert or hard for a loud warning. Keep it around your neck at all times and leave it resting on your lip when traveling through a particularly busy area. That way you can instantly give warning without letting your hands of the handlebar. The whistles are made in the Acme plant in Birmingham UK, just as they have been since the late nineteenth century.

  • Acme Whistle is the gold standard for whistles worldwide
  • Design collaboration between Bookman and Acme Whistles
  • Made in Birmingham, England
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Bookman Company History: The world of bicycle safety is often overlooked, or at the very least, afterthought. This leads to poorly designed lights with sub-par electronics and more warranty troubles than any small business should deal with. Enter Bookman, a company comprised of cycling advocates and designers alike. Together they’ve produced some of the best looking and innovative bicycle lights, reflective stickers, and straps the bicycle industry has ever seen. Their attention to detail, understanding of colour and design, and their persistence in finding the finest electronics for their lighting systems leaves Bookman at the front of the pack. Staying true to the belief that everyone should be on a bike, these guys make this goal accessible and fun. Lauded by countless publications worldwide, Bookman has created product that is conceptually perfect and functionally spectacular.

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