• Basil Katharina Saddle Cover Black Dots




There are few things more important on your bicycle than your saddle and protecting it can mean the difference between a safe and comfortable commute or a wet and soggy ride. It’s also important to protect leather saddles from the elements to keep them riding for years to come. With a cheerful polka-dot finish, the Katharina saddle cover has your seat and your style covered.

  • The Basil Katharina Saddle Cover is easy to attach to the saddle of any bike
  • The cover is made from durable waterproof material
  • This cover keeps your saddle dry on wet and rainy days
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Basil Company History: Basil have been designing and manufacturing colourful and exciting accessories for bicycles since 1976 with the sole aim of making you enjoy your bike even more. With a complete collection of bicycle baskets, bags, bells and other accessories to suit your personal needs and style. Basil strive to make functional everyday use bicycle accessories that compliment your bike, lifestyle and personality.

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