Fourth Floor is North America’s first (and only) importer/distributor of dedicated city bicycles and accessories. We sell our quality products to the essential building-blocks of North America’s emerging bicycle culture: your local bicycle store. Fourth Floor grew out of honest shopkeeping, and we still meet our end-user every single day. Our office is on the second floor of Curbside Cycle, our sister company and Toronto’s premier city bike retailer. Curbside is located in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood, a neighborhood that’s been biking around the city for decades. They just needed the right bike. Something that was comfortable, wouldn’t destroy their clothing, and wouldn’t rust so awfully quick. Something sartorial.

Fourth Floor was the first importer to successfully break ground for the city bike in North America, and believe us, that wasn’t easy.

One of the difficulties was the bike industry itself – which has largely focussed on male-dominated performance sports. We always knew that selling city bikes successfully in North America meant changing peoples minds, and that’s what we set out to do, even if that included the bicycle industry itself. Today we’ve actively consulted many new bicycle stores into existence and helped existing bicycle stores adapt to new market realities – whether that means steering product selection, staff training, store architecture, or communicating the role of the city bike in today’s new social geography. Our products and our retail stores have been featured in countless media exposes. We built an irresistible story. We designed Fourth Floor to be a one-stop-shop for the best city bike products on the market. We travel globally to find the most experienced vendors. We travel domestically to understand the challenges of building a North American bicycle culture. These days we find ourselves taking this experience and collaborating with North American start-ups who are creating real North American solutions to real North American problems. Fourth Floor is unique. We’re industry consultants, product designers, and we’re retailers too. We believe in the bicycle and we keep our ear close to the ground.

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