For many in the bike industry, cycling is about competition: an age-old test of endurance, where riders in peak form are constantly battling the clock, the elements, and those around them to smash records and stand atop podiums. With each season comes a renewed torrent of blood, sweat, and tears. Kings of mountains fall, and new ones are crowned. Power and performance reign supreme.

At Fourth Floor Distribution, we believe in something more: for us, bicycling is about connecting. It’s about feeling a bond with the commuters who ride by your side, instead of being packed in between them on expressways and subway lines; it’s about creating a link to your community, through direct, daily interaction; and fundamentally, it’s about getting yourself from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way possible. The countless benefits that come with these connections are what keep us on two wheels year after year. We feel better, look better, and live better for it.

Our range of products has been crafted to reflect our conviction that cycling, and all the connections that come with it, is for everyone. The majority of new bicyclists aren’t looking to join the peloton. They’re looking for everyday style and comfort that’s made to last. They want practicality over pure speed, convenience over carbon fiber.

Inclusivity is the hallmark of our business. Recognizing that we’re part of a dynamic, constantly growing market that always has an appetite for innovation, we strive to provide something for everyone. We connect new customers with the best the industry has to offer, and always keep them coming back for more.


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