Item: H635028

The Axendo dynamo light is a small, sleek, and aggressively capable headlight. It's built in stand light and motion sensors put your safety first. The Axendo 40 delivers an impressive 40 LUX, offering daylight conditions in the darkest of nights. The stand lights keeps the light running even while stopped. This light also features RBT.

Spanninga developed Reverse Beam Technology (RBT) to promote better energy usage and light output. By reversing the direction of the bulb in the light casing and reflecting it off of conical mirrors the light uses a quarter of the power without losing any luminescence. The energy usage is reduced without compromising its light output. Just brilliant.

  • Light source: 1 white LED > 40 Lux
  • Power source: Dynamo
  • Functions: Light & Motion Sensor and Safe-Stop
  • Weight: <70g
SPANNINGA COMPANY HISTORY: While most lighting enthusiasts in North America know companies like German companies like Busch and Muller, (or if they're real aficionados: Supernova and Schmidt) the dominant lighting company in Europe is Holland's own Spanninga. And, that shouldn't be surprising, because most city bikes come from Holland. While the North American bike industry continues to try selling our customers USB lights with more and more lumens, they haven't yet focussed on the biggest issue: theft. To our customers it doesn't seem to make much sense to spend a ton of money on lights that may be bright, but also get stolen the minute you forget to take them off. Spanninga makes great looking dynamo or battery (no trendy USB's) lights that are just as bright as any other company, but best of all they bolt to your bike (and well priced). Another great product that we import from Holland.

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