About us

Bicycles are designed for many things - performance, recreation - but also transportation, and transportation bikes are the story of Fourth Floor. We're part of larger story, a story of the bicycle in North America and its recovery as cities grow denser and things like walk-scores become an important measure of value. After all, anyone who lives downtown knows that a bicycle is the best way to connect distances 'too close to drive' and 'too far to walk.' 

Fourth Floor is the oldest and largest city bike distributor in North America. We grew out of Curbside Cycle in Toronto, where we became frustrated with the strictly recreational products our suppliers offered. So, (to make a long story short!) we started our own supply chain. We were the first to import Dutch city bikes and the first company to establish a coast-to-coast network of city bike retailers. We've incubated well-known brands like Linus and Simcoe, and we continue to occupy the leading-edge of the city bike movement with brands like Bookman, Basil and many more. 

We built this website for three types of customers. The first is the bike retailer who understand the potential of the city bike market. The second is the business or organization who requires a bike or a fleet of bikes to better serve their customers (we've worked with Coca Cola, Foodora, and many other small and large players). Finally, there is the consumer who can't find these kind of products at their local store store.

As a wholesaler we are committed to building a network of retailers who sell to our consumer, but many bicycle retailers have been reluctant to open their doors to the city bike consumer. To that consumer we offer our products on our website, and if it's a bike we ensure that it is built, tuned, and ready to ride. We call this PEDAL OFF THE PALLET™, and like the Dutch bikes we first imported, it's another Fourth Floor original idea. 

So if you're a manufacturer with strong design looking to enter the market, we'd love to hear from you. If you're a retailer ready to open new markets, we'd love to hear from you. And, if you need a bike for business or just getting around (because bikes makes a lot of sense), we have exactly what you need. 

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