Bicycles are designed for many things - performance, recreation - but also transportation, and transportation bikes are the story of Fourth Floor. We're part of a larger story, a narrative of the bicycle in North America and its resurgence as cities grow denser and things like walk-scores become an important measure of value.  

We began in 2006 as the first coast-to-coast distributor of city and cargo bikes in North America. Our mission is the same now as it was then: to give bicycles back to the people as a form of transportation. To dignify the bicycle. To make our cities healthier. To landscape and beautify our cities with people on bikes. 

We are well-travelled entrepreneurs and search the globe for vendors who have well designed/proven products supported by strong service and customer care. Every brand we import is proven in its market and a leader in its field. We visit the factories, we create relationships, we go for bike rides, we import products. But, more importantly, we import ideas. Ideas that insert themselves into our landscapes and cause our landscapes to change. We import the tools that make a difference.


If you're a retail customer looking for a retailer near you, please check our dealer locator.

If you're a business or organization looking for a fleet bike program, please email eric@fourthfloordistribution.com

If you're a retailer looking to separate yourself from other retailers with better designed products for city cycling, please shoot us an email at sales@fourthfloordistribution.com 

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