Achielle began in 1946 in the small town of Zwevezele in Belgium. Achiel - who the company is named after - built bicycles from scratch, from raw steel tubes to complete frames. He honed his skills and 1963 gave his operation a name, Dija. With the incorporation of Europe's finest bicycle painting, Oost-Color - and with the help of his son and grandchildren - Dija-Oostcolor was able to not only build bikes but also paint frames, fenders, you name it, all in-house. As a nod to its founder, Achielle has been expertly crafting their own bicycles bearing the very face that started it all in the form of a head badge.

Achielle’s sheer and undeterred commitment to quality and design is a testament to their humble origins. Through three generations of bicycle craftsmanship, the Achielle bicycle is a glorious tribute to the past. From unique frame designs to Brooks Saddles and Van Schothorst rims, the bicycles are built with the smallest details in mind - no corner cut, no stone unturned.

At Fourth Floor, we’ve spent years scouring Europe for the finest bicycles and accessories and it was a long road that led us to Achielle. They are the only company we've found that builds their frames entirely in Europe and they allow a level of customization few larger companies would permit. They've listened closely to North American demands and the bikes we carry are the result: strong, rust-resistant frames, built for life, and with durable parts that handle the daily commute joyfully. 



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