Thanks for visiting Fourth Floor! We're an importer and B2B (business to business) distributor with over 25 years of ear-to-the-ground experience. We brought North America the Dutch bike and the European cargo bike, we've developed and incubated some of the leading brands in North America, and we continue to find cutting edge solutions that make cities and citizens healthier. We sell to a network of forward-thinking retailers who are building bicycle cultures across North America. 
The products we sell are the very best the world has to offer. We travel extensively to find quality vendors, and we test these products in some of the worst weather and road conditions in North America. Our products follow three simple rules. The companies we sell must be experienced with a strong balance sheet, they must be able to support an export market, and they must be used extensively by customers in their homeland. Innovation, support and maturity - these are the hallmarks of the brands we distribute. 
So, if you're a bicycle retailer wanting to tap into a blue ocean of new clients or a business looking to invest in a bike or fleet of bikes, please contact us - we'd be happy to help! Just shoot us an email at sales@fourthfloordistribution.com or call us toll free at 1-866-965-6582


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