Spanninga has stood the test of time by constantly changing, brilliantly innovating, and expertly lighting the way for lighting companies worldwide. Founded in 1918 in Joure, Holland, Hosta Spanninga was a leading metal forging engineer and earned the prestigious title of “Purveyor to the Royal Household of the Netherlands”.

In the 1930s Spanninga produced “jewel-like” rear lights for bicycles. The 1950s saw the creation of the bayonet bulb and the use of plastic optical blocks instead of glass. As the company worked in both cycling and automotive sectors new techniques were developed and in the 1990s Spanninga was proudly able to unveil the first bike light sensors. Understandably, the company likes to highlight the technical aspect of their lights and build it into the design, producing both highly functional and supremely stylish lights. The company has remained a family business and continues to lead the way for bicycle lighting all over the world.

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