Item: H640028

The Axend 60 USB is a spectacularly bright USB rechargeable headlight. For those dark morning commutes and after the sun goes down, the Axendo USB is at your service with an impressive light output (60 LUX with 300 Lumens!) both in front and to each side, giving the optimal visibility to both you and other road users. The headlight, equipped with 2 high-power REBEL© LEDs uses an ingenious light output technology in order to be bright but not blinding. This is good news both for you and for oncoming traffic. To ensure the light is ready to go when you need it most, it is supplied with USB cable to charge up within 4 hours. The light is also equipped with various modes to ensure you don’t drain the battery faster than intended. Boost at 60 LUX offers 5 hours of power, Normal at 30 LUX gives you 9 hours, and Eco at 10 LUX lasts 16 hours. With a longer press of the power button the light will turn on or off and short presses call up these three power modes. WIth the built-in battery indicator you’ll always know when it’s time to charge so you won’t be caught off guard. The Axendo USB is a brilliant headlamp offering the latest in lighting technology which ensures safer night time riding for you and all other road users.

  • Light source: 2 white LEDs > 60 Lux / 300 Lumens
  • Power source: Li-Ion rechargeable battery via USB
  • Autonomy: > 5h (boost) / 9h (on) / 16h (eco)
  • Battery Load Indicator: Yes
  • Functions: Boost / Normal / Eco
  • Weight:<210g
SPANNINGA COMPANY HISTORY: While most lighting enthusiasts in North America know companies like German companies like Busch and Muller, (or if they're real aficionados: Supernova and Schmidt) the dominant lighting company in Europe is Holland's own Spanninga. And, that shouldn't be surprising, because most city bikes come from Holland. While the North American bike industry continues to try selling our customers USB lights with more and more lumens, they haven't yet focussed on the biggest issue: theft. To our customers it doesn't seem to make much sense to spend a ton of money on lights that may be bright, but also get stolen the minute you forget to take them off. Spanninga makes great looking dynamo or battery (no trendy USB's) lights that are just as bright as any other company, but best of all they bolt to your bike (and well priced). Another great product that we import from Holland.

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