Item: RT-18021

A perfectly designed racktime bungee cord for Racktime carriers. Three straps with ultra secure hooks.

  •  Racktime Bindit Bungee Strap
  • Available in Standard and E-Bike
  • Sized to perfectly fit Racktime racks
  • Works with other racks too
  •  Weight Standard - 65 g (2.29 oz)
  • Weight E-Bike - 73 g (2.57 oz)
  •  Length Standard - 60 cm - stretches to 90 cm
  • Length E-Bike - 74 cm - Stretches to 104 cm

Standard - 60cm that stretches to 90cm

E-Bike - 74cm that stretches to 104cm

MATERIAL Elastic and nylon
ACTIVITY Groceries, commuting, recreation
SUITABLE FOR: City Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Trekking Bikes, Electric Bikes
USAGE Mounts to rear rack
ANTITHEFT Nope - take it with you!
MANUFACTURED Designed in Germany
Racktime Logo
Racktime Company History: A subsidiary of Tubus racks, Racktime takes Tubus’ legendary bicycle-touring strength to the city. Products include a line of good-looking racks (all pre-drilled for permanent lighting options), a line of well-designed click-on baskets, and fashion-forward bags, all built to last. All Racktime products are made in Germany with a lifetime warranty.

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