Item: 475ISS/ISM

  A stainless steel screw for all B&M Mounting brackets.

  • Busch & Muller Front Light Screw
  • Counter-sunk design is compatible with all B&M Front bike lights.
  • Made in Germany

B & M Company History: Since 1925 Busch and Muller has been on the cutting edge of dynamo light technology creating some of the most innovative light systems we've seen in the bicycle industry. Focussing on LUX rather than lumen output has resulted in some of the finest lights with the most impressive fields of light on the market. The massive selection of styles and power output results in a light for any bike and that, in the end, is what is needed. Busch and Muller are committed to continually innovating and ensuring that cyclists are safe on the road but can still light up their next adventure.

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