Item: 0699 02 L

A counter plate for all centre mount kickstands.

  • A counter plate for all centre mount kickstands

Hebie Company History: In 1868, Heinrich Hemmelskamp founded Hebie as a humble cork-cutting factory in Bielefeld, Germany. He initially worked closely with pubs and drinks merchants but after the invention of the bicycle the company found its calling in the material procurement and designing of cork handlebar grips. By 1905 the manufacturing of celluloid handles was common and the in-house synthetics sector was in full swing. They began to develop chain guards, air pumps, and mudguards. Over the course of the 20th century the company adapted to the many changes, competitors and war to name a couple, yet succeeded in building a company that promised to build the highest quality product. Despite a growing interest in far-east production, Hebie tightened their range of products and ensured that they only produced the highest quality product (90% in their plant in Bielefeld) and they continue to do so to this day.

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