Item: R-YC130

The Supernova Front Light Connector Cable for Yamaha PW-X e-bike motors is something that will probably never be seen but you realize you cannot do without. It connects your Yamaha mid-drive to your lights to ensure you've always got reliable battery-powered illumination at the ready.     

  • Supernova Front Light Connector Cable for Yamaha PW-X E-Bikes
  • 130mm length
  • Includes JST VSLE 02R connector and connector set
  • Made in Germany


    Supernova Logo
    Supernova Company History: The year 1995 saw a tomato paste can, a halogen bulb, and motorcycle battery turn into a headlamp - and so came the first of countless innovations from Supernova. From then on, Marcus Wallmeyer took his original idea and designed a company that could allow riders from many disciplines, primarily mountain bikers, to ride into the night on unlit and relatively uncharted paths. The lights to follow brought about some of the brightest and most powerful lights the industry had ever seen. As the concepts grew bigger (dynamos, pedelecs, and battery) the designs got smaller and even more powerful. In 2004, the E3 dynamo headlight and tailight were produced to huge acclaim and numerous awards. Supernova continues to be the go-to for the best design, meticulous engineering and near-perfect functionality

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