• Bibia Quatro Bungee Strap - Various Colors



Item: BIB005


  • Universal bungee with detachable hook system
  • Mounts directly to wheel axle
  • Also mounts to Dutch rear pannier racks
  • Four Straps
  • Made in Holland
BIBIA COMPANY HISTORY: What really can be said about a bungee cord? Turns out, a lot. What we know is that the bungee cords we get from the hardware store or even our suppliers are absolute junk. They stretch out, often only have one elastic cord, and suddenly your stuff is all over the ground behind you. The Dutch - who use bungee cords on their bikes religiously - have no tolerance for this. Bibia makes their bungees in Holland (yes, in Holland!) and they have multiple straps that splay out to grab your stuff securely. We use them for U-locks, the Sunday New York Times, a picnic blanket, beer and even firewood!

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