• RAIN HOOD - 4.0



Item: INT10018-BK

The Nihola Rainhood 4.0 is a specially designed covering for the Nihola 4.0. It’s equipped with two extra side windows allowing for more visibility and light under the tent. The rainhood sits atop two pole sets that extend for the cargo bin upwards. The durable cordura material combined with a weather resistant plastic means that the tent is incredibly strong, passengers can see through the hood when enclosed, and they can stay dry when the weather turns sour. It’s an easy installation so whenever the Rainhood isn’t necessary, you can leave it home for another day.

  • Keep your passengers safe and dry
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NIHOLA COMPANY HISTORY: In 1998, Niels Holme Larson, after attending a bicycle expo, decided to prove the notion that bicycles could only be seen as reliable alternative transportation if they can transport a couple of kids and groceries. Being a mechanical engineer, Larson set to work and shortly achieved this goal. In the nearly 20 years that have passed, we've an evolution of the cargo bike for use in all facets of life. The success of carrying children and shopping has expanded in promotional and corporate advertising as well as delivery and mobility aids for wheelchair use. Nihola has been responsible for pushing the concepts of traditional cargo bikes and leading the charge on innovating the way we move through our cities. Made in Denmark.

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