Item: INT10322

The Nihola Rubber Floor Mat is specifically designed and sized to fit the Family model bike. Composed of a grooved 3mm rubber, it covers the entire floor of the cargo box and provides reliable traction for safe passenger entry and exit, or to keep cargo where you put it during transit.   

  • Nihola Rubber Floor Mat - for Nihola Family bikes
  • Grippy 3mm grooved rubber provides traction and stability for passengers and cargo
  • Cut and sized to custom-fit the Framily cargo box
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NIHOLA COMPANY HISTORY:  Nihola was created in 1998 after Dutch mechanical engineer Niels Holme Larson (hence Ni Ho La) attended a bike exhibition in the heart of Copenhagen. The following day, a critic from the Danish newspaper Politiken concluded that bicycles would only be able to compete against cars when they could transport two children and groceries at the same time. After reading the article and review, Niels decided to build such a bike, resulting in the now well-known Nihola bikes.


In the nearly 20 years that have passed, we've seen an evolution of the cargo bike for use in all facets of life. The success of the Family model has expanded into proprietary models for promotional and corporate advertising, commercial delivery, mobility aids for rehab, handicap and wheelchair use and even a transport solution for your pets. Used the world over by family’s and royalty alike and with over 10,000 sold in Copenhagen alone, Nihola has become a success story like no other and still continue to push the concepts of traditional cargo bikes and lead the charge on innovating the way we move through our streets and cities.

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