Babboe is Europe's largest cargo bike manufacturer and you only have to spend five minutes in Holland to see five or six ride by. No one understands quality like the Dutch, or for that matter, thrift. In Holland, spending money is an act of saving money. Things are made to last, and while they may cost a bit more, they also don't cost a fortune. So, while more expensive brands exist with more bells and whistles, Babboe provides a high quality, low maintenance, rust resistant platform that features marine-grade impact-resistant boxes and Yamaha e-assist motors (which are the very best). 

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In the Netherlands, biking is like breathing. The Dutch learn to bike before they know how to walk, so it’s no wonder that the cargo bike is the chosen mode of transportation for millions of parents. Babboe is a company that prides itself on being “by parents, for parents”. And they certainly deliver. Between the three-wheeled Curve or Big and the two-wheeled City, riders can find the bike that’s right for them and their family.

While Babboe caters to the family market, they are also an ideal promotional vehicle for organizations, business, and not-for-profits. You can have a look at just a few of the many ways people and businesses have incorporated Babboe into their marketing and community outreach on our B2B page. The box is blank canvas ready for your logo or custom fold out table. The ultimate head-turner at any community event.

In our efforts to help grow the city and cargo bike in North America, we've searched high and low for cargo bicycles that are high quality and affordable. All of the brands we've carried have been high quality, but alas, not affordable. As we discovered, when you buy a cargo bike nearly 20% of the price is the cost of ocean shipping - that's because most European cargo bikes ship fully assembled. Babboe is the first and only company to design a box that flat packs, IKEA style. This means the import shipping fees are drastically reduced and we make sure those savings get passed on to you!

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