Item: HWWX-859

The Babboe Baby Seat is specially designed by Babboe to be shock absorbant, weather resistant, and insulating, and comes with the soft fuzzy white cover. It mounts to the rear bench and bolts through the back of the box. The Baby Seat can fit into every Babboe Cargo bike.

  • Suitable for children aged 3+ months
  • Works with all models of Babboe
  • Bolts to the bench of the bike
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BABBOE COMPANY PROFILE: Babboe is Europe's largest cargo bike manufacturer and you only have to spend five minutes in Holland to see five or six ride by. No one understands quality like the Dutch, or for that matter, thrift. In Holland, spending money is an act of saving money. Things are made to last, and while they may cost a bit more, they also don't cost a fortune. So, while more expensive brands exist with more bells and whistles, Babboe provides a high quality, low maintenance, rust resistant platform that features marine-grade impact-resistant boxes and Yamaha e-assist motors (which are the very best).

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