• Close Up of Fahrer Buxe Rear Wheel Splash Guard on Rear Bicycle Wheel



Item: BXE-HM

The Fahrer Buxe is an easy-to-install splash guard for the rear wheel. It prevents the lateral splashing of water and dirt from the mudguard. By using stretch material, the Buxe adapts to wheel sizes from 24 to 28 inches. Easily throw it on by attaching the elasticized straps to any bolt at or near the rear axle.

  • Used on 24 to 28 inch wheels
  • Prevents splashing of water and dirt
  • Easy to install
  • Folds up small for portability
  • Flexible stretching material
Fahrer Company Logo
FAHRER COMPANY PROFILE: Fahrer is a German company that specializes in making a variety of urban-friendly bags and covers using recycled and environmentally friendly materials. They have a great range of other bicycle accessories as well, including racks and folding bike parts.

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